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  • axess electronics axsgtr BS22 guitar audio buffer splitter
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BS22 Guitar Audio Buffer/Splitter

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# of Transformer Isolated Outputs

Coming soon, currently available for pre-order!

  • A handcrafted reissue of the Axess Electronics™ BS2 Guitar Audio Buffer/Splitter (one of the first off-the-shelf buffers ever available).
  • The circuit has been tweaked to Axess' 2022 specs resulting in an even more natural sounding guitar audio buffer experience.
  • Just like the original, the BS22 prevents the loss of (1) signal level (2) low end punch, and (3) high end frequency response, due to cable capacitance and the poorly designed input stage/circuitry of some effect pedals.
  • The buffer circuit is an ultra high quality Op-Amp based design that's both low-noise and MUSICAL! Though nothing is transparent - the BS22 sounds and feels very natural.
  • Three outputs allow a guitar to feed a tuner, noise gate key, and multiple effect pedals into an amp, or even two or three amps, without any signal loss or tonal degradation.
  • These three outputs are connected in parallel and one is transformer isolated to prevent any ground loop hum/noise when driving two amplifiers.
  • The transformer isolated output is equipped with a phase flip switch to prevent phase issues when driving two or three amplifiers.
  • Using the transformer isolated output with a ¼" TRS cable provides a balanced signal - enabling cable runs of up to 330ft/100m with greater noise immunity and signal integrity (requires a custom AXSGTR™ Balanced Converter).
  • Powered with 9VDC via a 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel plug with a negative centre pin (like Boss pedals) and the current draw is less than 100mA (adapter not included).
  • Housed in a compact 4.43 x 2.38 x 1.22inch (112.5 x 60.5 x 31mm) and rugged Hammond 1590B diecast aluminum enclosure for years of reliable use and performance.
  • The enclosure is finished in a tough black textured polyester powder coat (paint) and a laser engraved acrylic brushed aluminum nameplate.
Multiple Transformer Isolated Output Options:

In most situations, the 'Two Transformer Isolated Outputs' option allows driving three amps without any ground loop hum/noise issues.

In other/rare situations, when the guitar, the BS22's input, and the effect pedals are provided with a 4th earth ground connection; such as from a 3-prong AC power corded effect pedal - the 'Three Transformer Isolated Outputs' option is necessary for driving the three amplifiers without any ground loop hum/noise issues.