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  • mesa boogie midi matrix amp controller
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VHT/Fryette Pitbull Ultra Lead [HTG]

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This is a PDF How-to-Guide (click here for others).

It includes configuration and setup details for the Mesa/Boogie MIDI Matrix Amp Controller to MIDI control and switch the VHT / Fryette Pitbull Ultra Lead amplifier. This amp requires a third-party or do-it-yourself cable and all of the necessary cable wiring details are also included.

MIDI control and switching of - Clean, Rhythm, Lead, Boost, EQ and FX Loop is supported.

Incorrectly made cables could cause serious damage to your gear. AXSGTR™ and AXESS Electronics™ will NOT be responsible for any damage incurred to your equipment due to cables made with the information provided in any of our PDF How-to-Guides.