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  • axess electronics bs2 buffer splitter line driver isolation transformer
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BS2™ Guitar Audio Buffer/Splitter

  • The BS2 Guitar Audio Buffer/Splitter prevents the loss of (1) signal level, (2) high end frequency response and (3) low end punch that is caused by cable capacitance and poorly designed input stage/circuitry of some effect pedals.
  • The buffer circuitry used is a very high quality Op-Amp based design that is both low-noise and MUSICAL, don’t let other’s deceive you, nothing is transparent !!!
  • Three outputs allow a single guitar signal to feed a tuner and two amplifiers without signal loss and/or tonal degradation.
  • Two of the three outputs are connected in parallel, and the third is Transformer Isolated to prevent Ground Loop Hum/Noise when driving two amplifiers.
  • The Transformer Isolated output is equipped with a Phase Reverse switch to prevent any phase cancellation problems from occurring when driving two amplifiers.
  • Powered by a 9VDC Adapter (we recommend the Boss PSA-100/110/120/220/230 or 240 depending on your local AC supply voltage) with a 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector.
  • Brushed finish with black anodize coating and laser-engraved printing.
  • Housed in a compact (4.40" x 2.40" x 1.30") and rugged 0.064” thick aluminum enclosure for years of reliable use and performance.

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