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FX1™ MIDI Footcontroller

  • 6 preset switches (blue LED's).
  • 12 instant access switches (green LED's).
  • Edit/2nd (red LED), Bank Up & Down switches with yellow LED's.
  • 127 preset memory locations.
  • 21 banks of 6 presets, plus a Global Preset.
  • Four (global and per preset) expression pedal ports.
  • Large 1-line x 16-character LCD display w/backlight.
  • Song & setlist modes.
  • Create up to 99 songs.
  • Organize the 99 songs into 10 setlists of 50 songs.
  • Heavy-duty Carling stomp switches (the real ones).
  • Switches are spaced 3.00” apart in every direction.
  • Master/Slave functionality for multiple footcontroller rigs.
  • Expression pedal port calibration.
  • Bulk data dump and load capabilities.
  • Software upgrades via its MIDI IN jack.
  • Scroll through banks/songs without activating a preset.
  • Easily copy presets, banks, songs, setlists and instant access switches.
  • Easily name presets, songs, setlists, MIDI channels, instant access switches and more.
  • Individually configure instant access switches to operate as latching type or hold type switches.
  • Each instant access switch can transmit two control change messages and two program change messages (one when the switch is on and the other when it’s off).
  • Multiple instant access switches can be linked together to allow for quick/easy selection and indication of which channel is on, on multi-channel guitar amps, all with the press of one switch.
  • Instant access switches and presets are capable of sending custom 16 byte hex/MIDI messages.
  • Presets can simultaneously transmit program change messages (starting at 000 or 001 - user selectable for each MIDI channel) on all 16 MIDI channels.
  • Standard (5-pin) MIDI IN and MIDI OUT jacks.
  • Heavy-duty TO RACK (5-pin) XLR MIDI OUT jack.
  • Powered by a 9VAC adapter (which is included) with a 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector or phantom powered via the TO RACK or MIDI OUT jacks.
  • Rugged 0.118" (3mm) thick aluminum enclosure.
  • Dimensions - 18.00"W x 12.00"D x 1.25"FH x 3.50"RH
  • Brush finish with black anodize coating & laser-engraved printing.

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