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OBViouS™ Boost/OD

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Designed and hand-built (by Mario) in Canada.

The OBViouS™ Boost/Overdrive is a transparent and straightforward, lower gain pedal, that's meant to push an already overdriven tube amplifier. The pedal's stimulus was the beloved Marshall® plexi style of amps, which when pushed, benefit greatly from the design's ability to sculpt and fine-tune, tightened and tailored, bass and treble frequencies for a hot-rodded transparent response.

Even though the pedal impetus was a certain style of amps, the OBViouS™ Boost/Overdrive can be used to push other tube amplifiers, with equally great results. When pushing most tube amplifiers, including a beloved Marshall®, more than a single “boost control” is a great asset because human hearing is highly nonlinear, and guitar amplifiers are only slightly better in their linearity. In addition to the pedal’s OBViouS ability to garner transparent tones, it can also be used to drive your sound to the edge via its gain knob and three position clip toggle switch.

The pedal’s circuit design is a fusion of our buffers, line-drivers, custom boosts, a popular dual buffer tuner mute and boost pedal that we designed for a MEGA company which is now part of a Gigantic corporation, and some other boost and overdrive pedals that we have long been fans of.

  • Level, Gain, and Treble knobs.
  • Three position bass response toggle switch.
  • Three position clip select (none/clean boost and two different diode options) toggle switch.
  • Blue LED with Relay True-Bypass Switching.
  • Top mounted power and ¼" TS (tip/sleeve) input and output jacks with KMMK SquarePlug friendly spacing.
  • Housed in a rugged 4.81 x 2.62 x 1.54in. / 122.3 x 66.6 x 39.1mm plus 0.63in. / 16mm (height of the knobs) die-cast aluminum enclosure for years of reliable use.
  • Powered with 9VDC via a 2.1 x 5.5mm barrel plug with a negative centre pin (like Boss pedals) and the current draw is less than 100mA (adapter not included and no 9V battery snap).

User Manual

Obvious adjective [ob·vi·ous]

Easily seen (or heard), recognized, or understood; open to view or knowledge. Synonyms — clear | evident | apparent | straightforward | transparent | unambiguous | unmistakable. [Reference Merriam-Webster Dictionary]

It Should Be OBViouS™ But If Not

This is not an EVH or VH type of pedal — we simply wanted to get away from our go-to black colorway and thought this looked great when going through different color combinations.

Marshall® is a registered trademark of Marshall Amplification PLC. AXSGTR® | AXESS Electronics™ have no affiliation with Marshall Amplification PLC.